Fantasy Wars

Fantasy Wars

Title: FANTASY WARS. Genre: Turn based strategy game Publisher:...

Title: FANTASY WARS. Genre: Turn based strategy game Publisher: Nobilis. Developer: Ino'co/1C. Release date: 2007-09-28. Platform: PC. Age rating: +12 (TBC).

Hundreds of years ago, after centuries of harmonic and peaceful living, the Empire of Eolia went through a terrible and wearing war against evil.

The Empire was successful, but since that time Eolia suffered many internal wars which lead to the decline of the greatest kingdom. The most influent provincial Lords took over the power and founded their own kingdoms on the collapsed empire territories.

Thus, for decades, humans have been divided and therefore weaker against the Orcish attacks intensifying on the southern boundaries. Divided and out numbered, humans ally themselves with Elves and Dwarves to fight the powerful and aggressive Orcs and Goblins.

Features:The game is a mix of 3 different genres: RPG, TBS and War-game. Detailed and immersive heroic fantasy environments. Landscape is considered and total part of the strategy, forest, hills.

affect: moving, protection, hiding. More than a 100 different units (including heroes and monsters). RPG aspects: experience/level (Defense, Sight, Movement.

), HP. Amount of units during battle: Epic battles, up to 500 soldiers!. Advanced Zoom-in/Zoom-out system (allowing to see all your soldiers once zoomed).

Hexagonal battle scheme: finest strategy system. Flexible graphic motor: allowing a large range of PCs to accept the game. Advanced army upgrades: weapons, attacks, skills, special abilities.

Multiplayer, with map editor. Various and numerous solo campaigns. Strong graphic personality. Minimum configuration:Windows XP/Vista. DirectX compatible sound card.

PIV 1. 5 Ghz CPU. 512 MB RAM. 3 GB free hard drive space. 3D card 128 mo. DirectX 9. Recommended configuration:Windows XP/Vista. DirectX compatible sound card.


Fantasy Wars


Fantasy Wars